PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - City Skyline brushset

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Skylines of cities you might recognize and cities there were made from my fantasy world.

This product is included in the ALL IN ONE+ pack and the Ultimate Photoshop pack.

Can you guess them all?🏙

What’s in this set?

  • 🌇a lot skyline stamps of cities I thought of myself and famous cities of all around the world!🌎
  • The Photoshop (ABR) and Procreate(brush) file. Both these files are supported with Procreate 5+. Photoshop does not support .brush files.
  • Updates are always included and announced via Mail.

Something broken, not working or any other problem? Please send me a mail within 14 days and allow me to solve it!

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None of these products may be claimed as yours, used for reselling, re-uploading. I keep all copyright of all products.

Can be used in Procreate 5.0 or higher. It's allowed to use my brushes for personal and commercial work. However, you may not re-upload, resale or claim them as your own.

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60 different stamp brushes of famous cities and cities that do not exist.

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PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - City Skyline brushset

2 ratings