PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - Stormy Weather Brushset

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PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - Stormy Weather Brushset

Silerna’s Art🏖
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Let it rain, let it raindrops in your artwork, show amazing detailed weather in your work!

This product is included in the ALL IN ONE+ pack and the Ultimate Photoshop pack.

Make rainy days with and roads with amazing rain brushes in 3 directions so that you can decide where the wind comes from! Decorate the ground with 11 different water puddles for the perfect rainy days!

What is included :

  • 🌧Rain brushes in left, right and middle wind direction.
  • 🌦Rain puddles to let people have fun with! Or just stamp in them.🤷‍♀️
  • Thunder storms, yikes!😱
  • Updates are always included and announced via Mail.

Something broken, not working or any other problem? Please send me a mail within 14 days and allow me to solve it!

Technical support, questions and other : Silerna@gmail.com

None of these products may be claimed as yours, used for reselling, re-uploading. I keep all copyright of all products.

Can be used in Procreate 5.0 or higher. It's allowed to use my brushes for personal and commercial work. However, you may not re-upload, resale or claim them as your own.

Support me by donating a ☕️ko-fi so that I can continue making amazing products just for you : https://ko-fi.com/silerna

I want this!
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Compatible with
Photoshop 2017+/Procreate 5+
Personal only
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