PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - Snowflake Brushset

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A brand-new version of the older snowflake set! From 16 brushes to 115 brushes!❄️

This product is included in the ALL IN ONE+ pack and the Ultimate Photoshop pack.

Prepare for the upcoming Winter with these amazing snowflakes! Create Winter Wonderlands like you didn’t before!🌨

With these seventy amazing brushes with snowflakes in so many shapes! Sure is needed now we're in last quarter of the year! And some hot Chocolate with it☕️

What is in this set?

  • 90 different shapes of snowflake brushes.
  • 25 scatter brushes for big snowstorms.
  • The Photoshop (ABR) brushfile supports both Photoshop and Procreate softwares.
  • Updates are always included and announced via Mail.

Look no further! This set is the best for every winter artist.⛄️ Don't wait for the winter to come,create magical scapes now in one go.

Something broken, not working or any other problem? Please send me a mail within 14 days and allow me to solve it!

Technical support, questions and other :

None of these products may be claimed as yours, used for reselling, re-uploading. I keep all copyright of all products.

Can be used in Procreate 5.0 or higher. It's allowed to use my brushes for personal and commercial work. However, you may not re-upload, resale or claim them as your own.

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115 different brushes for winter wonderland works

Snowflake brushes
Scatter brushes
Personal use only
Can be used in
Procreate 5+/ Adobe Photoshop 2017+
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PROCREATE/PHOTOSHOP - Snowflake Brushset

3 ratings
I want this!