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Need something Urban? I got you covered! Anything Urban themed is here in 1 bundel😊.

My big bundel including 12 new and old Urban sets! Including:

  • The City Skyline and Skycrapper set with new brushes added🏨
  • The Bridges and Famous building set are back ⛩️
  • The popular fences set with new brushes , a total of 60 brushes now.
  • The NEW Window brushes set, with alot of awesome window frames.
  • A new Masonry brushes set , a far away window set and details set with billboards,pipes and more to create details in your far away buildings🎆
  • Another new set with lots of streetlanterns, a city without light is no go!
  • Cities don't have only tall buildings, so I added a awesome house set, and a super cute DUTCH house set🏠

None of these brushes can be bought seperately except for the Fence set.

Anything you need in 1 bundel, a total of 357 brushes ^ - ^

Something broken, not working or any other problem? Please send me a mail within 14 days and allow me to solve it!

Technical support, questions and other :

Can be used in Procreate 5.0 or higher and Adobe Photoshop . It's allowed to use my brushes for personal and commercial work. However you may nog resell these brushes,claim as your own, put behind paywalls(example Patreon) or re-upload elsewhere.

Support me by donating a ☕️ko-fi so that I can continue making amazing products just for you :

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12 brush sets with the Urban theme

Skycrapper set
51 Brushes
Cities Skylines set
60 brushes
Bridges set
16 brushes
Famous building set
45 brushes
Fence brushes set
60 brushes
Masonry set
11 brushes
Details set
14 brushes
Houses set
38 brushes
Streetlight set
25 brushes
Far away Windows set
10 brushes
Window Frame set
46 brushes
Dutch Houses set
6 brushes
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